Welcome to Green Life Wellness! I’m Kelly Lang and I believe in your ability to heal.

It took me a bit of a round about journey to figure out my own health issues, and then a bit more of a journey to find my path to healing. That path included training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, certification as a Reiki Master and a 200 hour RYT Yoga Instructor training.  While the knowledge I gained and the tools I learned continue to be invaluable, I must say that the single most important aspect to my healing was in my ability to believe I could.

My coaching work today is different from many nutrition programs because I no longer believe it is all about the food. I believe our capacity to heal, reach optimum health and thrive is greatly impacted by our core beliefs, our mindset and the practices or lack of practices that keep us in balance. Today, I help people get clear about what they desire to achieve, in their health or in their lives and then I help them set about that in practical, step by step fashion, with lots of self discovery along the way.

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