Starting Over

July 9, 2019

Sometimes starting over is a conscious, planned out choice like going back to school to follow a new career path. Sometimes starting over is thrust upon you unexpectedly, like the sudden end to a relationship. Either way, we have the potential to experience a fresh start feeling or newness, as well as a longing for what once was.


Today, I am starting over unexpectedly with my web site. :-) After realizing over the weekend that my site was hacked, I decided to take a deep breath and "Let it Go".   My site was in need of some updates anyway, so like the clothes I have been hanging on to for years to hem or alter, I made a bold decision and chose to discard all of it. If there were a charity that would take my web site I would have donated it but I don't think that exists. :-)


While, I am excited about the "fresh start" I am also remembering all the content, blog posts and program areas that are now gone. Oh well!

Sure, I could recover files from backup and who knows, maybe I will at some point but right now I am feeling more inclined to just trust that what WAS is not was needs to BE today. That content served its purpose. We are always changing, evolving .. and I am excited for this new representation of what I do.


So I thank you for being here, and I ask for your patience as I rebuild without time pressure or without the fears of not having it all together yet. 




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